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Break away from the stagnant old fashioned way of online dating and try something Phresh! Phresh offers the fun of social media, combined with the personal connections of a dating app. Take a selfie, meet a friend, go on a date, hang with a group, you decide what Phresh does for you!

Phresh give you the freedom to come and go as you please, with expiring profiles! Update your profile every 24 hours to stay interactive with people near you, or come back to catch the weekend fun! Be creative and tell a story by uploading a new selfie using a Phresh filter, or a few Phresh exclusive stickers! You will never have to worry about boring stagnant profiles, or inactive users!

Each Phresh profile consists of a selfie taken in real time! We’ve come up with a fun and interactive verification process: Selfie Verification! If a user wants to connect with you, they must send you their best selfie first, giving you control of who can interact with you, and eliminating ghost profiles and scam profiles!